Thursday, February 11, 2016

This is where it started again

The Hippos wisdom includes power, emotional depth, creation, imagination, healing, proper use of aggression, ability to move gracefully through emotions, protection of family, mother-fury when needed, birth of new ideas, lucid dreaming, spirit contact.
The hippopotamus is sacred in both Egyptian and African traditions. Its name means ‘Water Horse’, and it spends nearly all day in the water, and when not in water obviously on land. This is the ancient realm of birth, power, creation, imagination, and healing. Hippos are the second largest mammal on earth. This strong mammal can help guide us in grounding ourselves so we can face and break down negative emotional issues – the power of water, they are a link to the spiritual, artistic and healing realms of water.
The hippopotamus blends the elements of earth and water, and teaches us how to synthesise the attributes of both into our daily lives. Water is linked to intuitive knowing, and earth to practicality and stability. If this is your power animal, you are being asked to act upon your intuition without examining it, and to keep up a practical, balanced, grounded life style.
Traditionally, water represents birth, the emotions, creativity and healing. Hippo’s advocate the creative, flowing aspects of water. Therefore they are related to the creative energies of the second chakra, which are connected to the flow of blood. Hippos can submerge themselves in water for up to 5 minutes without taking a breath. This shows us that we can safely submerge ourselves in emotions or the creative process.
Hippos are amphibious and have special features to adapt to the water – their eyes and nostrils are high up on their heads, they can stay almost completely submerged and still be wise to what is going on above water. This shows us that we can participate in emotional depths without losing our perspective. They can also hear and breathe and still be almost completely covered in water.
When you have fully developed these abilities, you will have an innate ability to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation. You will see and speak truth and demand that others respect that truth.
If this is your power animal, your higher sensibilities will be awakened, activating lucid dreaming and spirit contact. You will be shown how to be adept in these. Learning to control powerful creative energies is the lesson taught you by the Hippo.
Hippo’s require water that is deep enough to cover them as their skin is delicate and thin, making it susceptible to overheating. If this is your power animal, you too may be susceptible to sun related problems including dehydration, so be careful when outdoors.
Though the Hippo is extremely nimble and flexible in its movement, they are often predisposed to develop set patterns. When leaving the water at dusk, they like to take the same path, creating a rut in the ground several feet deep. This shows us to find the path that is best suited to us, and to stay on it to reach our true destination.

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